Una Sombra Oscilante

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(Español) Author: Celeste Rojas Mugica

Year: 2017
Format: Tapa suave
Size: 14,5 x 21 cm

Publisher: Asunción Casa Editora

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Una sombra oscilante establishes a dialogue with my father’s photographic archive produced during his militancy in Chile and his eleven years of exile in Ecuador. It is proposed as a configuration of approximation exercises to the images that builds and vanishes the memory and the space of the fiction that we can establish with it; is a series of questions about the unrepresentable, but that through the idea that in photography there is an imaginary vanishing point, something is possible to materialize.

From the abstraction that gives the title to the work and from the nature of the material with which we work on this project -from the lights and shadows that photography requires to be constituted as such- there is a possibility to allude to the absent and the present , and in this transit refer to a movement-the oscillation-that in its displacement gives rise to an appropriation of history as a transformative possibility.

To oscillate between one place and another is also to open a threshold as a space to be built: a possibility that contemplates the sensible and that from the movement composes. Between the light and the shadow, between the origin and the exile, between a dictatorship and a revolutionary project, between an identity and its future others, a space of encounter is opened: the image of the refolding and unfolding in the construction of a memory.

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