INFINITE GRACE; An extended portrait of Pinky/MM Bass


An extended portrait of Pinky / MM Bass

Photograph by Carolyn DeMeritt

A collaboration between Carolyn DeMeritt and Pinky / MM Bass


Carolyn DeMeritt explores the complexities of aging in her photo essay by artist Pinky / MM Bass. Taken over 25 years, the intensely intimate portraits reflect the special bond between the artists. The exhibition also includes works by Pinky Bass presenting interventions on the photos of Carolyn DeMerrit in the form of embroidery on the images made especially for the exhibition.


“Pinky Bass is, first and foremost, my friend. I met Pinky over 25 years ago, and through our long-distance friendship, she has inspired me with her artistic work and unwavering strength. In certain ways, Pinky is easy to photograph; she loves to be looked at through someone else's lens, and when the opportunity presents itself, she is an absolutely fearless character. In other respects, it is impossible to photograph; how you could capture its complexity and convey the losses it has suffered While reaching the twilight of life means that losses are inevitable, hers have been especially cruel: he lost a close friend from a sudden aneurysm, a sister after a prolonged battle with cancer, to a beloved son in a tragic car accident. In many of my photographs of her, there is certainly a feeling of world weariness that has taken its toll, that every single sheet on her face has been won through her experiences. However, Pinky's unique fierceness shines through in her spirit. I have watched her age with infinite grace and this spread portrait is a celebration of her inspiring perseverance.a.”

Carolyn DeMeritt




Carolyn DeMeritt


Carolyn DeMeritt is a self-taught photographer and videographer who has worked in her craft for more than 30 years living in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. He has participated in numerous solo shows throughout the United States and internationally. Her work is part of many museums, as well as corporate and private collections, including the National Museum of Women in the Art; the North Carolina Museum of Art; the Mint Museum of Art; and the Bank of America collection. Over the years, while focusing on developing his own visual narratives and photographic techniques, he has collaborated with other artists to raise public awareness of certain groups of people who live in the shadows, but whose strength and perseverance should be celebrated. One of these collaborations isJust as I Am with Stuart Grasberg, a video about the death of an AIDS activist, which was nominated for an Emmy Award.d.




Pinky MM / Bass

Pinky Bass describes herself as a feminist and spiritualist living in Fairhope, Alabama. In 1988, at the age of 52, he completed a master's degree in Fine Art Photography at Georgia State University. In 1989 he built one of his giant pinhole cameras out of a portable tent, calling it the Pinkys Portable Pop-up Pinhole Camera and Darkroom. Pinky's pinhole camera and portable darkroom. Most widely recognized for her pinhole and Polaroid photography, Pinky works by intersecting different mediums. His large-format images are made with experimental processes and address aspects of aging, death and mythology in this transit. Pinky's work is represented in numerous collections and museums, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Birmingham Museum of Art, and the High Museum in Atlanta. His photographs have been published in Aperture, The Polaroid Book, the Book of Alternative Photographic Processes, and the Pinhole Journal. He has held more than 40 one-man exhibitions and his work has been featured throughout the United States and the world. mundo.