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DARK It is a photographic exhibition, two video projections and a photobook resulting from a collective project, which is published simultaneously in 6 countries simultaneously, to be presented together within the framework of the PARIS PHOTO festival.

DARK presents a body of work that arises from the various trips that Antoine dAgata has made for more than thirty years in the countries of Brazil, Peru, Nicaragua, Salvador, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guatemala, Haiti, Puerto Rico, the United States, Cuba and Mexico ..



DARK it is notable for its immediate, almost brutal vision of societies taken in the brutal spiral of violence. Through the degeneration and paroxysm of the flesh, the photographer tries to reveal fragments of society that escape the customary analysis and visualization of the collective body. He exposes himself, heightens his awareness of a world that absorbs and feeds, without the slightest caution or judgment.

Antoine dAgata records what he lives and experiences the situations he documents. By transgressing the boundary that separates the photographer from his subject, he becomes the object of his image, a forced actor of his own premeditated scenario, photographing the fragile shadows that free themselves from social control, appeasing the impulses of animals, evading the moral order and accessing the last magical rites of instinct..

The photographer observes shattered bodies fighting and comforting each other in primitive copulation, an antidote to the deep silence that weighs on minds dehumanized by global economy and religion.

In the obscene transparency of an ultra-communicational world, dAgata rejects voyeuristic or sociological points of view, invents a language made of instinct and flesh, as a barrier against the puritanical and economic order, and frees himself from a global and insidious ideology , aimed at replacing desire with fear..

The exhibition of DARK in Hydra Photography includes the feature film WHITE NOISE, the most recent audiovisual piece by Antoine d Agata, is presented in this exhibition for the first time in America. Like an atlas of the author's work narrated by his characters, it includes twenty-three women from around the world who, through monologues, speak of existence, pain, passion and death, in fourteen different languages.



Antoine dAgataa | He was born in Marseille. He is a photographer and filmmaker. She studied photography under Nan Goldin and Larry Clark at the International Center for Photography in New York. It has won many awards, and has been exhibited many times. Some published photobooks are Insomnia, Vortex, Stigma, Psychogéographie, Ice and Anticorps for which he won the Rencontres dArles Author's Book Award and exhibits Anticorps at Le Bal in 2013. In 2004 he joined Magnum Photos..



PLACE | Tampico 33, North Rome
DATE | Thursday, October 25, 2018.
SCHEDULE | 19:00 hrs