A photographic exhibition ofDr. Alderete


From October 19 to November 20 2018


Trigger: Romanian illustrator Saul Steinberg.
Detonating: Inge Morath Austrian photographer.

Nacho López, Mexican photographer with an urban performative spirit, a reference that modified the vision of reality in this first photographic exhibition of Dr. Alderete Argentina, 1971, internationally recognized illustrator who lives in Mexico City.o.

ARitual starting from primitive cultures to our present, sequence of activities, words, gestures, objects, dances or masks that abstract us from everyday life and connect us with altered universes.

Twist and twist reality insistently asleitmotif, vertical prints that refer us to the natural format of the illustrated poster of Sci-Fi and horror cinematography. Expand in a playful way the possibilities of photographic printing by enhancing its more graphic sense from anaglyphic, lenticular prints / images, serigraphs, or stochastic screening as a material visuality causing experience-spectacle.




Ritual masks of African, Polynesian and Mexican influences disseminated in Mexico City as a city, identifiable setting. Echoes of an alternate fifties past where all those portrayed here are integrated into the space and seem natural inhabitants of a shared imaginary.

From line to gesture, from gesture to line, a natural terrain for this visual creator who confronts the photographic image to generate a peculiar photographic universe, the captivating universe of Dr. Alderete.



Dr. Alderete| Born in the distant Argentine Patagonia in 1971 and living in Mexico since 1998.In his already extensive career as a designer and illustrator, he has also collaborated as an independent animator for several television stations, among which areMTV, Nickelodeon, Channel Fox and Once TV. He is the founder, together with Juan Moragues, of the record labelIsotonic Records, specialized in instrumental rock. Be part of the musical groupBlack Rooster Sound since 2010, as thereminist and illustrator live during the shows.

He has designed more than 100 arts for albums by groups from different parts of the world, among which areThe Fabulous Cadillacs, Andrés Calamaro and Daniel Melero (Argentina, Lost Acapulco, Twin Tones (Mexico and The Straitjackets (United States..

He has published several books, including:I am a nobody, (Black Cat Bones, Sonorama (Ed. The Matchbox, Other me (Acapulco Editions. In 2014 he published his first graphic novel Black is Beltza (Bang editions and other books in Colombia Rey Naranjo, Argentina Moebius editores and Japan RocketMusic. Since 2015 he is a member ofbro de AGI (Alliance Graphique Internacionale. And that same year he made the La Salvación tour with The Fabulous Cadillacs drawing live during the band shows.