Contemporary Photography Exhibition in Mexico

HYDRA curatorship


The photo, like the word, is thrown into time. The photo is a projectile, it goes beyond the stage of each seer. It follows in time, it is mobile and it is activated in the gaze of each spectator. The event is that which bursts in and cannot be unexpectedly predicted, unpredictable, unknown. And it only becomes an experience by being shared. Emotion makes us uncomfortable, it makes us step out of our comfort zone.

Photography is intimately linked to experiences, emotions, our identity, memory and the way we connect with the world. Images move us, surprise us, frighten us, remind us.



This exhibition brings together authors from different parts of Mexico, from different cultures and universes. The common thread is photography as a deep event, where cultural, personal, and sexual identity make up the matter that is put into play in the photographic act as an action that reveals and disrupts essential aspects of our relationship with the other and the world.

The authors ofBody and Event Questions are raised from different perspectives about the body and beauty, about human nature through photography as an event that is sometimes intimate, sometimes disturbing, other provocative. Essential questions for a new generation of authors who find in photography the means to explore the society in which they live and their place in it through photographic actions that stress and question the relationship with the other, with ourselves as actors and spectators .