Fabulous failures | Erik kessels

Fabulous failures
Erik kessels


We live in an era where most of the tools we use are very close to perfection. Computers, cell phones, apps, and navigation systems don't make mistakes. Perfection is not actually the best starting point for creating new ideas, so sometimes going into error and creating new ideas from there is actually a good thing. Society has taught us to avoid mistakes, but for creative and innovative people, mistakes are essential.

Erik Kessels will speak about his book: Failed it! and how mistakes inspire him and use them as a fundamental part of his work processes. In a photobook editing and photographic production workshop, you will force participants to fail and create mistakes.

"Failure is important.

If you're not ready to humiliate yourself, make mistakes, and be completely screwed up, you should consider working in an office, it's safer there.

Because as a creative, they should at least call you an idiot once a day.

That's fine.

Making mistakes and failing is one way to progress. Without that, you will be stuck in the same old comfort zone.

In other words: boring.

So if we want to do what we love so much, do interesting, creative things, we need to get rid of our need not to fail. "




QUOTA  15 participants
 $4,000.00 vata

DATES | From August 30 to September 2, 2019
SCHEDULE | from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
REQUIREMENTS You can apply until August 28, 2019, but we will make the selection as we receive the applications and fill in the remaining places. send to link@hydra.lat until the Aug 28, 2019 he Registration form, minimum 15 and maximum 30 images 150 dpi approx 1920px on its longest side, .jpg format or a PDF of one or more developed series. Each image must bear the author's name, surname and name of the series; example: Luis_Ruiz_paisajesperdidos-01.jpg Add them to a folder with the name of the author and the project. If you have an idea for a photobook or another type of presentation format, send a description or proposal. If you have a photobook or model, we recommend that you present it physically. To participate it is not essential to have a photobook project or a finished work. To participate for one of theas two half scholarships You must also attach a letter of reasons.



Erik kessels | (Netherlands. He is an artist, artistic director, editor, publisher and agency directora Kesselskramer, designer, curator and collector from the Netherlands. Since 1996 he has been Director and Creative Collaborator of the international communication agency KesselsKramer, internationally recognized for his innovative vision within the photographic medium, photobook and advertising with original and critical content.

Erik kessels is characterized by projects in constant transformation, where the sense of humor, disruptive and original treatment of the image play a key role to launch questions to the viewer and question their vision of the environment and the world. His projects always seem to give one more twist, which from a curious and frank look, leads to a much deeper reflection on the medium of photography, advertising and art in general.

As an artist and curator of photography, Kessels has published more than 60 books of his re-appropriated images, he is editor of the magazineta Useful Photography and has written the international bestseller Failed It!

He made a DVD for the Loud & amp; Clear, collaborating with artists like Marlene Dumas, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Candice Breitz. He has taught at numerous universities, including the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, the ECAL in Lausanne, and the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam, where he has curated an exhibition dedicated to amateur photography. He was co-curator of the From Here On exhibition with Martin Parr, Joachim Schmid, Clément Chéroux and Joan Fontcuberta, which was presented at Rencontres in Arles.s.

As an artist Kessels has had numerous exhibitions around the world such as Loving Your Pictures, Mother Nature, 24HRS in Photos, Album Beauty, Unfinished Father Y GroupShow. He has collaborated with other artists such as Thomas Mailander with whom he made the provocative piece Jump Trump within the framework of the UNSEEN 2017 festival and GETXOFOTO, among other collaborations.

In 2010 Kessles received the Amsterdam Arts Prize, in 2016 he was nominated for the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize. In 2017 a retrospective of his work was shown in Turin, Düsseldorf and at the MOMA.