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Workshop and Portfolio Review

The Spanish curator and editor Jesús Micó regularly travels through different countries giving workshops and project reviews in search of authors and projects for his curatorial and editorial projects including Kursala, among them: PHE, PATATA festival in Granada, photography seminar in Albarracín, CFC Bilbao, Full Contact at SCAN-Tarragona, Lleida, Photographic meetings at the CAF of Almería, in Gran Canaria, courses in Rabat, Quito, Lima, Sto Domingo, Santiago Chile, Buenos Aires, among others. The authors that can be selected will be promoted internationally.l.
A selection of 12 authors will be made to review projects with Jesús Micó. In addition to the 12 selected, 10 listeners will be accepted. The project reviews will be personalized but public so that the rest of the participants present can listen to the comments and recommendations that will contribute ideas and strategies for production, presentation and circulation of the work that are useful to all.

This workshop will have a 4-hour theoretical session and 12 individual reviews.



QUOTA | 12 participants
Portfolio Review Participants 1,600 vatva
                | Listeners 400 vatva
DATES |Wednesday 30 and Thursday 31 October
11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
REQUIREMENTS | Send until theOctober 29th heRegistration form, minimum 15 and maximum 30 images 150 dpi approx 1920px on its longest side, .jpg format or a PDF of one or more developed series. Each image must bear the author's name, surname and name of the series; example: Luis_Ruiz_paisajesperdidos-01.jpg Add them to a folder with the name of the author and the project. If you have an idea for an exhibition, a photobook or another type of presentation format, send a description or proposal. If you have a photobook or model, we recommend that you present it physically. To participate it is not essential to have a photobook project or a finished work.o.
SCHOLARSHIPS |A half scholarship will be awarded.To request it, you must also attach a letter of reasons.


Jesus Micó Palero| (Cádiz, 1962 creates, manages, investigates and teaches photography. He has given classes and conferences on the theory, history and aesthetics of photography in public universities, art centers, festivals and various Spanish and Latin American entities. He has a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Cádiz and a Doctor of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. His artistic work has been presented in multiple halls and galleries such as Fòrum Tarragona, H2O Barcelona, Canal Isabel II and Fundación Canal Isabel II Madrid, Museum of Old Anthropology MEAC, Madrid, Patio de Escuelas Univ. Salamanca, Sala de Caja Madrid Barcelona, MUSAC Lion. etc. He has published three books in addition to multiple collective catalogs such as Propuesta 99 Ministerio de Cultura, Ocultos Fundación Canal de Madrid and Subject y Sujeto (MUSAC).

Micó has been the curator of the international exhibition for 4 editionsTalent Latent –in which 10 novel photography projects from all over the world are awarded, produced and exhibited - which is part of the international photography festivalSCAN-Tarragona(years 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016. He would also regularly curate exhibitions of young artists for different public entities or private galleries, and write critical and opinion articles on the photographic medium. The great collective with 54 emerging authors that he prepared for Canal de Isabel II in Madrid in May 2017, entitledda A certain recent panorama of author photography in Spaina) Currently traveling with AECID until 2020 through different cities in Latin America and Europe Peru, Dominican Republic, Chile, Argentina and Mexico in 2019-. He is the coordinator of the annual contestnual PHOTO BOOK & lt; 40 for the Community of Madrid publication of a reference volume for authors under 40 years of age.).

In 2014 he was awarded the Gràffica award for more than all the previously announced reasons.