Ana Casas Broda

Spain, 1965, lives in Mexico since 1974. He studied visual arts, history and photography in Mexico, Spain, Austria and the United States. Since 1983, she has done numerous individual exhibitions in Mexico and abroad. Member of the National System of Creators FONCA 2008-2011. She published two photobooks: album, by the Editorial Mestizo, Spain, 2000; and Kinderwunsch, published by the factory, 2013, winner to the Best Book of Art by the Ministry of Art, Culture and Sports of Spain in 2014. Album was presented as an individual exhibition at the center of the image, Mexico, in 2001- 2002, at Casa de América, festival photoespaña 2002, and in several other international headquarters. Kinderwunsch was inaugurated in the circle of Fine Arts, festival photoespaña 2015, and then he was presented at Fotohof, Salzbugo, Austria, 2016, at the Regional Museum of Querétaro, Mexico, 2017 and in the Museum of Mexico City, 2019. Besides He has participated in numerous collective exhibitions and publications, including Hometruths, Book and Exhibition Cathed by Susan Bright, presented at photographers Gallery, London, United Kingdom, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, 2015, Belfast Exposed, Festival in Ireland, 2015 Since 1990, it organizes activities on photography, educational programs, meetings, festivals, etc. He was assistant to Manuel Álvarez Bravo in 1986. He has worked in the Circle of Fine Arts, Madrid - from 1989 to 1993 -, in 1994 he founded the area of ​​education of the center of the image, where he works until 1998, from 2000 to 2006 is coordinator From the program PhotoGuanajuato, Program of Studies and Festival organized by the Institute of Culture of Guanajuato and the center of the image, from 2007 to 2015 coordinates the contemporary photography seminar of the center of the image with the center of the arts of San Agustín. She teaches workshops and conferences in different places around the world. In 2012 Hydra Funda + Photography with Gabriela González Reyes and Gerardo Montiel Klint- As CO Curator with Gisela Volá carries out "Eraser of an intervened body" Art X Art, Buenos Aires Argentina, 2017, Hydra X Foam, Netherlands 2017, among many others . She is a co-organizer of the Fotobooks Fair and the Latin American Fotolamber Award 2017 at the Four Roads photomuseum within the framework of the Latin American photography colloquium. She is a jury of various contests and scholarships as a national system of creators and young creators, Fonca, 6x6 Global Talent World Press Photo, Photo Vogue, among many others. In 2016 she creates an incubator of photobooks, a program where authors develop her photobooks with the advisory editors and national and foreign designers. In 2018 she underworld, Editorial Project of Hydra, with José Luis Lugo and Ramon Fish, which in 2018 publishes 24 photobooks and presented at international fairs.