Benjamin Diederik Schalkwijk

(Rotterdam, Netherlands, 1933). With a trajectory of more than 60 years as a photographer, Bob arrived in Mexico for the first time in the winter of 1958. The intense cultural life and the warm reception he had encouraged him to settle in the country's capital in 1959. Tireless traveler, has Photographed in all Mexican regions, as well as in 48 countries and is still active, involved in different social and cultural project projects. The topics that distinguish it are different cultural expressions and nature. The photographs of it have been published in more than 100 books and catalogs for museums and exhibitions, national and international. Your book Tarahumara (2014) received in 2015 one of the Association Awards Printing Industries of America And the exposure of him "a Dutch in Mexico", presented at the National Museum of World Cultures, was visited by 62 thousand people. The photographic file of it has more than half a million photographs; For fifteen years, with own resources, Bob undertook his digitization and cataloging. Because it is a fundamental archive in the registration and memory of Mexican cultural heritage, the National Institute of Anthropology and History granted him the medal to the 2019 photographic merit and in 2020 the Fund for Culture and Arts (Fonca), awarded him a Support to continue with the scanning and cataloging of its file. The work of him is appreciated by local and foreign collectors and more and more cultural enclosures have photographs of the authorship, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art of Los Angeles, California (MOCA) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands.