Federico Pardo

(Colombia 1982)Biologist, photographer and Colombian filmmaker, who has worked with National Geographic, HBO, Oxford Scientific Films, The Field Museum, Instituto Humboldt, Colombia Wild Magic and Signal Colombia. Winner of an Emmy Award for Best Documentary for Untamed Americas.He has been recognized at Smithsonian's in Motion contest and with the AAAS AAAS Award of Imagine Science Films. He has numerous publications and exhibitions in Madrid, Spain and Bogotá, Colombia.State University of Montana, MFA, University of the Andes, BS. Biologist, photographer and documentary director of photography based in Colombia and the United States. Federico's work focuses on human nature stories and he enjoys bringing an efficient and well-worked cinematography to him. Among the customers of it are National Geographic, Univision, Fusion / HBO, HHMI, Oxford Scientific Films, The Field Museum, Humboldt Institute, Colombia Wild Magic, Tití Project, Colombia Signal and Electric Diamond among others. Winner of an Emmy Award for the best film documentary with untamed Americas from National Geographic. Federico's photography and documentary photography has been widely disseminated in both printed and digital media and his personal work has been exposed in renowned galleries in Bogotá and Madrid. In 2015 Federico co-founded the Colombian producer Tropic average. He also co-founded and administers Instagram communities @everydaylatinamerica and @everydaymacondo. Federico is a member of the collective +1