Fernando Montiel

(Mexico City 1978)He reflects on individualism that arises from new technologies to create artificial scenarios that evoke virtuality. The work of Him is part of collections such as the Guangdong Museum of Art, China; Televisa, Mexico Foundation; Kenyérgyár Siofok 320, Hungary; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chile; among other. The work of it has been individually and collectively in various international samples. Fernando Montiel Klint. Born in Mexico City 1978, he studied photography at the active school photography and center of the image. The work of Him is part of collections such as the Guangdong Art Museum, in China; Televisa collection, Kenyérgyár Siofok 320 Hungary, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chile; Ship K, Spain, Museum of Modern Art of Aguascalientes, Mexico, the Wittliff, Texas State University collection, recently participated in the Photoquai Biennial at the Quai Branly Museum, Paris, France, 2015, its work has been individually shown, Among those who destarnated: Les Recontres Gárles 2011, France, in the Gallery Chile Art Chile 2014, in Ra Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine 2012, Acts of faith in pH 11, Spain 2011, do not escape in the San Antonio Museum of Art, USA 2010, photo entertainment 08, Spain 2008, Nirvana at the File Museum of Photography, Mexico 2008, Nirvana in Zero Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia 2008 and Nirvana, National Fototeca Mexico 2007, Modern Times in the center of the image, 2007 in collective exhibitions among which stand ; OUROBOROS TO MEXICAN CYCLE, Pingyao China, Curated by Alasdair Foster 2014, Devenle and Deton, Mexican Photography, CA, Spain and Mexico, 2015, A Process, Galeria Höhmannhaus in Augsburg, Germany 2015, possible worlds at the Art Museum of the Americas, Washington Roaming to The Gabarron Foundation NY, 2012, 45 Mexican Photographers Hubei Art Museum, China, 2008, The Case of The 45 Mexican Photographers at the Guandong Museum of Art, China 2007, Mexican Worlds, 25 Contemporary Photographers in Ireland, Poland, Spain And in Belgium 2011, his work has been exhibited in places like Museum of Modern Art of Chile, Museum of Patagonia, Argentina, Victoria & Albert Museum London; Santralistanbul, Istanbulbilgi University in Turkey, the Palau de la Vicerina, Barcelona, ​​the Triennale de Milano, Chobi Mei, Bangladesh. It received the support of young creators, Fonca 2005 and Fonca Coinversiones, Mexico 2006, the Omnilife Award, first place in the contest organized by ID Magazine with the Reforma newspaper, Mexico, Acquisition Award in XXII National Meeting of Artexico, Mexico and an honorable mention in the XXXIII National Meeting of Young Mexico Art; Has published in The Guardian, Eyemazing, Holland, Photoworld China, L insense, France, Exit, Spain, Breeze Magazine, China, images Le Magazine de la Photographie (France), Le Courrerier, Switzerland 2011, in the Mexican books Portriats Aperture and Lunwerg, Wane Magazine, Luxembourg, Photoicon, England, Art Nexus, picnic, in the book does not know no reply ¨ (Rordrigo Alonso) Argentina, the country, Spain, Photomedia Center. He has taught workshops in Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, now it is a Klint and photo. www.klintandphoto.com and Videns.org, a project of art tutoring. www.fernandomontielklint.comSu work is at www.fernandomontielklint.com. Member of the National System of Creators (2016-2019).