UNDERWORLD It is a collective project created in Mexico based on the intersection of experiences to produce photobooks, experimenting with different narrative tools, hybrid production and collaborative practices. This project begins in 2018 with the presentation of 22 photobooks of Latin American photographers as a result of the program of Hydra Fotolabra Incubator 2016 and 2017, which provides the authors to develop their books with the support of publishers, designers and international curators.
We work with the authors in to make possible the development and publication of their photolibro S through different production processes: from handmade special editions, books printed on offset, as well as hybrid processes that mix industrial and manual production.
We offer special handmade and limited shooting editions, photobooks printed on offset, as well as participate in the pre-sale of the offset slice of new titles.

Underworld is a project of Hydra. Created by Ana Houses Broda and Ramón Fis.