Jonatan Rosas

(Veracruz, 1990)He studied communication science at Verracruz University. She studied the 2015 contemporary photography seminar from the center of the image, and the artistic production platform from the San Agustín Arts Center in Oaxaca. She began her career as a photojournalist in 2011. She has published in Reuters andThe Guardian. Jonatan's work explores the proximity of the documentary image in relation to the human being facing neocolonialism, gentrification and displacement. From the voice of the author itself, he describes his work as follows: "Like parallel languages: the document I propose it as a" reliable "image of the tangible and the real. While the closeness and uniqueness of people and spaces are They integrate my actions as an artist, struggling by a decolonizing horizontality of the image. I make my photographic production based on the problems of my own condition as a refugee, combining this part of the story (history with lowercase) and history both in the thought Of contemporary man as in the notion of intimacy and news. "