Luis Enrique Aguilar

(Mexico City, 1980) studied at the active photography school. She studied the 2010 Contemporary Photography Seminar from the center of the image and various workshops in this space, as well as on the I National Meeting of Research on Photography and the International Institute of José Martí Journalism in Cuba. The work of it has been exposed collectively in Mexico, the United States, Colombia and Spain. He was selected in the 14th. Latin American photography contest in Colombia, the seventh Biennial Puebla de Los Angeles, the third Biennial of Photography in Chiapas and the 15 Biennial photography of the center of the image. He obtained special mention of the jury in the international migration competition and borders in Spain and honorable mention in the contest "One day in the life of Chiapanecos" of the Intercultural University of Chiapas. He is a member of the collective of Tagameluz photographers in SCLC, Chiapas. Coordinated during its five years of existence, the Gymnasium Project of Art and Culture Chiapas and now run the platform for photography Chiapaneca Mirador, was a fellow of the Program Young Creators of the Generation Generation 2014-2015 and I participated in discoveries photoespain 2016. He has participated as a tutor in 20Fotografos MX organized by photo Museum 4 roads and the collective plus one of Colombia as well as imparting different courses and workshops on the development of author projects. He organizer of indomitable exposure, contemporary photography Chiapaneca and other exhibitions. The work of it has been published in Vice Magazine, Miami New Times, The World According to Vice, Magis Magazine, The Day, Supplement Ojarasca, Record MX, Photographie Logging among others.