Luis Enrique Perez

(Pánuco, Veracruz, Mexico. 1984) studied the Bachelor of Communication Science at the University of Northeast (Tampico, Tamps 2002-2006). She studied the Master of Artistic Production at the Autonomous University of Morelos (2018-2020).The work of it has been selected for the 9th. Biennial Puebla de Los Angeles (2013), for the VI Visual Arts Biennial of Yucatan (2014) and for the on-site sample of the 10th International Festival of Parath Em Focus (Brazil, 2014). Award in the category Acquisition Fund in the Biennial Biennial (Tamaulipas, 2015). Honorable mention on 3rd. And 4th. Art Biennial Veracruz, 2016 and 2018 respectively.Likewise, in June 2015 the work of it entitled Defolding was presented at the International Photography and Visual Arts Festival PhotoEpsepaña 2015 as part of the Book-Exhibition Rate and detonate. Photography in Mexico ca. 2015. In addition to being part of the all collectives to see in the photomuseo four roads and white space within the Guatephoto Festival, both in 2015.She was also a finalist at the XIII and XV Edition of the Roberto Villagra acknowledge for the Master of Photography (Efti). Nominated by Trisha Ziff for the Prix Pictet Award in London, England (2015).In Veracruz he has two individual samples at the Veracruz Phototec "Juan Malpica Mimendi" (2016) and in the Gallery "Fernando Vilchis" of the Institute of Plastic Arts of the Veracruzian University respectively. He shows collective "territories, contemporary photography" that brought together 15 Veracruz authors in the Contemporary Art Gallery of Xalapa / IVEC (2017). Also the work of it was included in the exhibition exoposed / exposed at The Light Factory, Charlotte, United States.He was a fellow of the program Young Creators of the National Fund for Culture and Arts (2015-2016). He is currently he is a Scholar of the Pecda Veracruz emission 2019-2020.His work is part of several private and public collections such as the San Diego Museum of photographic Arts (SD MOPA), Televisa Foundation Collection, Veracruz Phototeca Collection "Juan Malpica Mimendi" and the Collection of the Tamulipeco Institute for Culture and The arts (ITCA).