Manuel Ramos

(San Luis Potosí, Mexico. 1874-1945)One of the pioneers of photojournalism in Mexico collaborated for publications like Art and letters, The illustrated world Y Cosmos. Ramos was chronicler of the Porfirio Díaz regime, he invented the Acrex of the then National Museum of Archeology, History and Ethnology and held inspections Vicerinal Monuments. In the work of him, photographs intervened with pigments and those printed by Voja Mitrovic, who has also materialized the work of photographers such as Robert Doisneau and Juan Rulfo. Manuel Ramos belongs to the first generation of Mexican photojournalists. Born in San Luis Potosí, in 1874, Manuel Ruperto Ramos Sánchez was a multi-faceted man: photographer, colonial monument inspector, photomontajista, hagiographer, propagandist of the Catholic faith, head of the natural beauties, portrait of people, animals and things. He arrived in Mexico City at the end of the 19th century to join the busy world of photojournalism. Years later, he managed to collaborate in the main magazines of the time: art and lyrics, the illustrated world and cosmos, among others, who offered the novelty of including the photographic image on their pages. There was practically no publication where the images of him were not included. Manuel Ramos is a valuable witness of events that marked the course of history in the first half of the twentieth century. In alliance and competition with photographers such as Agustín Víctor Casasola, Antonio Garduño, Ezequiel Álvarez toasted, Samuel Tinoco, Abraham and José María Lupercio. As of 1910, he produced images showing the last splendors of that dictatorship and the political, military and social convulsions that led to the beginning of another cycle in the history of the country.


The acquis, composed of more than 11,000 photographs and documents that portray the first five decades of the twentieth century in Mexico, remained largely unpublished, the relative of the relatives of Him, from 1945 to the nineties. The Manuel Ramos photo file was founded with the aim of conserving and spreading the work of this witness of history, as the main project of the house of the apizaco trees A.C.


With the purchase of these photographs directly supported on financing for the preservation and documentation of the materials of the Manuel Ramos photo file.