Maria Garcia

(Guanajuato, Mexico 1932)After knowing who would be the sentimental couple of him, the graphic reporter Héctor García, she joined the Press Photo Agency. The needs of this photo clearance would end up turning it into colleague from her husband. García has participated in various exhibitions with records of the Student Movement Mexico 68 and of portraits of Mexican women. Has been published in Magazine of America, Tomorrow, Forever!, Vogue. Y Kena. In the work of it highlights the series of visual experiments entitled Marigraphies. She was born in Irapuato, Guanajuato. She settled from an early age in Mexico City. She lived in the Guerrero Colony and worked as a dressmaker when she met who would be her husband, the graphic reporter Héctor García. From then on, she marry she joined the Press Photo Agency, founded a few years earlier. The needs of this photographic service office would end up turning it into colleague from her husband. The work that for decades invested the archive of Héctor García, always in constant growth, has been fundamental for the conservation and disclosure of the work of the photojournalist. María García has participated in dozens of exhibitions, both collective and individual. The imagines of her have been published in the magazine of America, tomorrow, always!, Vogue and Kena. The student movement of 68; The university life and Mexican women are some topics that she has addressed in her photographic work. In 1975 she announced a series of visual experiments entitled Marigraphias. And in 1985 she was her, along with Gilberto Aceves Navarro and her husband, one of the 3 that put you in light, shows that she combines drawing and photography.