Photo Jeneusse.

Images of the photographic studio photo Jeneusse, from Cameroon, Africa. Intense red curtains, artificial plants, painted scenarios funds, pots and many other objects appear as part of the setting of these images that allow us to enter at times of a study that realizes the look of a society towards itself, Images of internal consumption, almost intimate. The photographs of this file have traveled differently to the traditional, such as the family exchange and the epistolary romances, arriving first to Europe thanks to Timothy Prus, Director of the Collection and Independiente Editorial The Archive of Modern Conflict, who on a trip to Cameroon acquired hundreds of negatives to color to the son of the Founder of Photo Jeneusse. This group of images, mostly carried out between 1970 and 1980 and made as a capture of intimate and relatives of the study clients, are incorporated together with a Duncan Wooldridge test at number 10 of its AMC publication.