Raúl Jiménez.

Bachelor of Law by UNAM, he studied his photographic education at the Visual Arts Academy, graduating in 2017 with studies in documentary and portrait. In 2018 he attended the art GIM to expand its training in audiovisual content production methods focused on the technological experimentation of different supports. That same year he won in collaboration the award granted by the first national school meeting organized by Canon Ednet; In addition, he participated in the international workshop for the creation of 20fotographers,under the direction of Cristina de Middel andCoordinated by collective +1. He currently integrates the Sinapsis photographic production laboratory, tutelated by Ana Casas Broda, in Hydra + Photography. Likewise, he has participated in photographic and cultural exchanges with the School of Visual Arts of New York and the Simón I. Patiño Foundation center in Santa Cruz. The work of it has been exhibited at various collective festivals and exhibitions in Mexico, Spain, Bolivia, Australia and the United States, appearing in the catalogs published by them.