Zaida González.

(Santiago de Chile, 1977) is one of the most outstanding authors in the contemporary Latin American panorama. She performs formal studies of advertising photography at the Alps School of Photography, First, and Veterinary, at the University of the Americas. She is one of the founders of the macrodosis collective. She has received support from Fondart on several occasions. She awarded with the Rodrigo Rojas de Neri (2012), she has participated in numerous exhibitions, individual and collective, in America and Europe. She receives the "Best Foreign Young Artist" Award at the 13th Version of the Artvilnius Contemporary Art Fair of Lithuania. He is the author of three books: "The brides of Antonio" (Ediciones La Visit, 2009), "Remind me by dying with my last heartbeat" (Ed. The cat of the acequia, 2010) and "Zaida González de Guarda (Ed. The Cat of acequia, 2013), the latter of great format and of an anthological nature. Possessing an absolutely own language, the work of Zaida González is built from a rich imaginary, debtor of the most intimate obsessions and interests of her and the Latin American popular visuality, in general, and of the Chilean, in particular. The aesthetics of it, easy to recognize, chooses a complex renovation of appointments and a fund of social and political criticism that often appears in a decaply under an irony or an evoking forms of an apparently childhood universe. In the work of it, sociological types, beings adopted, mythological characters, religious and literary references, domestic animals, among others, share a paradoxical candidity. All of them participate in a photographic rituality that directs the author. These inhabitants swarm through worlds built where they share space and hierarchy with exquisitely chosen objects, loaded with symbolism and which place the protagonists in a very defined ideal environment. Owner of a range of own colors, which achieves in his first images applying manual techniques on analog supports, his work should be understood, very often, from the three-dimensional in which the image is framed, where the objects that show it happen to Be part of it.