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In 2016 we started the educational programme INCUBADORA DE FOTOLIBROS which accompanies a group of authors for more than a year in the conceptualisation, development and production of a photobook project through workshops with 6 to 12 editors, curators, authors and designers from Mexico and abroad.

This is a specialised, comprehensive and new programme in the field of photobooks in Mexico, which provides an overview of this fertile medium, offering creators the possibility of working with those who have developed some of the most interesting international publishing projects in recent years. 

Participants are chosen through a careful selection process, so that the projects have the potential to be developed throughout the programme. We have participants from different parts of Mexico and from countries such as Ecuador, Colombia, France, Argentina, among others.
The importance of the development of this programme lies not only in the process of formation, creation and production of the photobooks, but also in emphasising that it is part of the contemporary work of photography and a practice that allows another form of circulation and access to the image, as well as contributing new problematisations in the presentation and narrative of photographic discourses.
INCUBADORA DE FOTOLIBROS has been growing as a laboratory for dialogue, production and experimentation that has opened up to us all new ways of conceiving and developing the work of the participants in book form. 

The results have been of great richness, giving each author the possibility to find the most appropriate forms for the development of their work within a varied and surprising panorama of possibilities.  

One of the keys has been that the programme has been transforming and adapting to the needs detected, with an emphasis on experimentation with forms of production, materials and different narratives for each project.

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In 2018, as a result of INCUBADORA DE FOTOLIBROS 2016 and 2017, we launched our publishing imprint INFRAMUNDO with the publication of 22 photobooks developed during the programme. 

INFRAMUNDO is a collective project created in Mexico based on the intersection of experiences to produce photobooks, experimenting with different narrative tools, hybrid production and collaborative practices. 

The books have been presented at numerous national and international fairs and have been nominated for awards around the world. In this way, we offer projects the possibility of being published and presented in the field of international photobooks, following their development from conception, production, dissemination, circulation and distribution.


This year we are opening a new edition of this programme to be announced soon.