“La educación no es una preparación para la vida, es la vida misma."
John Dewey

About Hydra + Education

We seek a model of education with a program focused on the production and reflection with an open framework that will suit the needs arising from the work itself. Through the dialogue between advisors and students, different activities will support production at individual and group level, which are interconnected.

Working in an autonomous platform allows us to have freedom in the construction of the process. We believe that is urgent to review the position that teachers and students have towards education, so that we can generate a thoughtful and conscious response against the medium and the society.

The focus of the program is to assist each participant to access and understand their ways of linking to the photographic medium, and their topics of interest, in order to support learning as author in a coherent and active way. We prioritize the development of this unique and unpredictable process. Also the theoretical and technical learning are elements that should be taught organically to authors based on their own needs. The classes will be attuned to the concerns arising from the works of the participants and all knowledge will have a particular application.