Platform for building projects related to the medium of photography, based on reflection, dialogue and collaboration between individuals, associations, institutions and publishers. An inclusive, flexible and open to open channels in the photographic community space.

Photography mutates, transforms, becomes a medium that escapes definitions.New forms of producing and consuming images
are constantly appearing that require a continuous re-elaboration of the interpretations that seek to contain their discourses.
Hydra seeks to establish itself from this chaos as a fertile generator of new ideas and ways of conceiving the image.

Around several axes, all the projects intersect to build a network of activities that are connected
together as: workshops, consulting, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, books, reviews, research, management,
collecting and a constantly growing network that connects photographers and artists with curators,
institutions, publishers and the public.


Hydra opens a space for reflection and dialogue asset from theory and production,
seeking not to rely on structures, but instead build new forms relevant to the needs of creators
to encourage critical thinking. The learning process as the experience itself.