(Español) María José Sesma

(Español) De la Serie Todo en Orden I
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De la Serie Todo en Orden II
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(Español) De la Serie Todo en Orden III
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Lives and works Torreón, Coahuila.

Her work focuses mainly on the expectations of the female role, the tension created between want, power and having that. The use of manipulation, repression, disqualification, humiliation and sabotage as a method of resistance to the power of the other. As well as its social and cultural implications. It is part of the SOMA educational program (2013-2014). She held the Seminar on Contemporary Photography at the Center of the Image (2010). She carried out the Todo en Orden project, composed of photography, texts and videos, with the support of Young Creators (2011-2012), which has been exhibited in Oaxaca , Prague, Los Angeles, Monterrey, Querétaro, Saltillo, Miami, DF. She has received awards in the 3rd edition of the Latin American Photo Book by Editorial RM, the Monterrey Biennial of Artemergente (2012), the Héctor García Biennial, as well as first place in the People-Family category at International Photography Awards (2012) Of Acquisition at the Photography Festival Portfolio, Centro ADM (2012). She has publications in the PICNIC Magazine, Caviar Izquierda, Revista MX, Marvin Magazine, F-stop Magazine, Latin American Issue, among others.

In 2015, she published the book “Todo en orden”.

Her work is part of the book and exhibition “Unveil and detonate. Photography in Mexico ca. 2015 “, curator of Hydra, project of the Center of the Image, Fundación Televisa, editorial RM, CENART. The book was published by the RM publisher in June 2015. The exhibition was inaugurated in Centro Centro Cibeles, Madrid, Spain, at the PHotoEspaña 2015 festival, showing from June 2 to August 31. She later appeared at the National Center for the Arts, Conaculta, Mexico City, from October 24, 2015 to January 22, 2016. Her work is part of Fundación Televisa’s collection.