(Español) Nelson Garrido

(Español) La Autocrucifixión de Nelson Garrido
(Español) Amar para Dejar de Amar
(Español) Santa Jasmin

Nelson Garrido (Caracas Venezuela, 1952) studied elementary and secondary education in Italy, France and Chile and studies of Photography in the workshop of the artist Carlos Cruz Diez, in Paris, in years 1966-67. The NGO (Organization Nelson Garrido) Spaces for Creation, gathers its experiences and own methodology as a teacher of photography. The NGO, has become an obligatory reference point in the current Venezuelan artistic practice, expanding more and more towards all Latin America. Violent and irreverent, his work is based on a constant experimentation of expressive means and a deep questioning of the socially accepted system of norms and beliefs. He is the first Venezuelan photographer distinguished with the National Prize of Plastic Arts (1991). He has participated in innumerable individual and collective exhibitions around the world, being the most recent Open Maps and the Biennial of Architecture of Venice.