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Lives and works in Oaxaca.

He develops his academic formation in the Autonomous University of Puebla, where he obtains the title of Degree in Sciences of the Communication. In 2010 he moved to Mexico City, attending various workshops and graduates. In the following years he continued his studies obtaining a scholarship of the Center of the Arts San Agustín (CaSa) in Oaxaca, to attend the Seminar of Contemporary Photography of the Center of the Image. He was also a fellow in the Fotoensayo Formation Program in Pachuca, Hidalgo.

His work was selected to participate in the First Biennial Héctor García. He has participated in several collective exhibitions in the city of Puebla, Oaxaca and Distrito Federal.

In 2014, he inaugurates his first individual exhibition with the project “Immersed” in the city of Oaxaca.

He has been a two-time Fellow of the Stimulus Program for the Creation and Artistic Development of Puebla.