From 9th to 13th July 2017
This workshop will accept only 6 participants because during the 5 days of its duration each one will finish their photobook and this process will require intensive work with Calin Kruse.

The workshop focuses on the editing and sequencing of the authors' work to create a photobook, from the aspects of design, typography, materials, page layout and rhythm.

Different materials will be shown - such as papers, cover samples, as well as photobooks with great designs or authorial elements, and ideas.

Books where the collection of elements has not been well developed, such as cases with excellent images and poor design or editing ideas, will also be reviewed.

Calin Kruse will show his editorial projects and comment on the process.

Students will work under the close guidance of the teacher on their own projects, individually and in groups, with the intention of bringing different points of view to bear. 


He's an editor, designer, with an independent publishing house.

He is involved in several projects, including dienacht magazine, the dienacht publishing house's photobook publishing programme and the graphic design office FLUUT.

He is also a curator, gives lectures, lectures, workshops on photobook design and project review in different places such as Vienna (Austria), Berlin (Germany), Lagos (Nigeria), Georgetown (Malaysia). 


Dienacht is a project that brings together publications, a magazine, workshops, educational activities, a blog and a digital portal that presents portfolios, photobooks, among others. 

Dienacht is a printed magazine of photography, design and subculture published twice a year in a limited edition of 1000 numbered copies, in English and German. 
Although photography is the central theme, each issue features one or two illustrators, as well as articles and reviews on underground films, music and photobooks, fanzines and magazines.Dienacht is also an independent photobook publisher, its goal is to showcase selected photographers through a limited circulation of unique, beautifully produced and highly collectible books. dienacht Magazine and dienacht Publishing have received several awards: 2012 Book of the Year nomination for Photo-eye and TIME Magazine "Dead Traffic" for Kim Thue and "Nocturnes" for AM. Leon Kirchlechner's "Nowhere" won the German Photobook Award in 2014. Katarzyna Mazur's "Anna Konda" was nominated for the Paris Photo - Aperture Photo Book Award and was selected by Photo-eye as one of the best books of 2015. 

Shilo Group's "Chronicle" was nominated for the German Photobook Award 2016 and was selected along with Pawel Jaszczuk's "Kinky City" as one of the best books of the year by the critics.