(EGYPT) Born in 1977 in Cairo, Heba Khalifa is a multimedia artist, photojournalist and painter. After graduating from the Cairo Faculty of Fine Arts in 2000 with a diploma in film and decorative theatre, she also studied at the Higher Institute of Art Criticism. Not satisfied with artistic tools alone, she began to use photography as an essential part of her projects. Her interest in documenting and representing women and gender issues also led her to photojournalism. She was awarded the AFAC Visual Arts Fellowship program 2019.on her work (eye of the tiger) Magnum Foundation grant 2012-2020 on her work (eye of the tiger) -the program Arab Documentary Photography to work on her project "Homemade".Heba's work has been presented all over the Arab world, USA Europe and China. She now works as a teaching assistant at the ADPP (Arab Documentary Photography Project, a partnership between AFAC, the Magnum Foundation and the Prince Claus Foundation).