(UGANDA, AFRICA) Isaac Nabwana Godfrey Geoffrey (IGG) produces, directs, shoots, writes and edits action films from his home in the slums of Wakaliga, Uganda. As a self-taught filmmaker, IGG's film education consists of a computer repair course (he was forced to drop out after the first month due to lack of funds) and his own trial and error experiences with cameras and editing equipment. While supporting himself and his family as a school teacher, IGG founded Ramon Film Productions (the name derives from his grandmothers, Rachel and Monica, who raised him and kept the family safe during the Ugandan civil war). Based in the small house he shares with his wife and co-editor, Harriet, and their three children. RFP has produced over 44 feature films since 2005 (as of January 2015) and is best known for Who Killed Captain Alex: Uganda's first action-packed film and Tebaatusasula. Previews of IGG's work have gone viral, but the films themselves remain largely unseen outside the slums surrounding Kampala, Uganda.IGG shoots his films in Luganda, the dialect of Buganda, Uganda's largest tribe. As is common in Uganda's ghettos, their films are presented with a live Video Jockey (VJ), best described as a part-narrator, part-entertainer, comedian and slum tour guide. Wakaliwood is a combination of Wakaliga, the slum IGG calls home, and Hollywood. Over the years, IGG has assembled a dedicated team of actors, technicians, prop masters, martial artists and stuntmen who have travelled from all over Uganda to be part of its action films. When they are not filming, they meet twice a week to rehearse, develop new projects, build equipment from scrap and distribute DVDs in local markets. Surprisingly, IGG Nabwana himself has never been to a cinema.