(CHINA) She has been involved in curatorial practice since 2010. Between 2011-2015, she served as curator and managing director at V ART CENTER, founded by the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, a non-profit space. Producing more than 50 exhibitions and projects with emerging artists, the institution became one of the most important incubators of Shanghai's art scene. Major exhibition projects focus on participatory art, interdisciplinary art practices and discussions on art theory and practice in the past five years, including "Goethe Open Space 2016: Institutions in Motion" (Goethe Institute), "Community of Celibates", in collaboration with philosopher Lu Xinghua (Bund Three, Shanghai Gallery), "Take Me Out", co-curated with Davide Quadrio (K11 Museum), "A Whole Encompassing All Sounds", in collaboration with philosopher Jiang Yuhui (CAFA Art Museum). And in 2017, she officially joined the Start Museum, as a senior curator, located in the West Bund district of Shanghai. She launched and curated an ongoing research project entitled "Being Information". Her current research and curatorial interests are interdisciplinary art practices and the role of rituals in historical and contemporary latitudes. Recently the curatorial project "Rituals in the Rituals of the Future", which is a collective creation, depends on research. The first round was a project within the exhibition "Reesculpir" by Thomas Hirschhorn(McaM,2018)and the book has been released, 2019. Won the ACC Residency Fellow 2019 from Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, South Korea, August 5 to November 5, 2019. She also awarded the travel grant to attend CIMAM 2019 Annual Conference, 2019 Sydney, Australia. At the end of this year, she will finish and launch my base book on the past years' research "2010 - 2020: The Heterogeneity of Shanghai-based Institutional Practice".