(SAN JUAN CHAMULA, CHIAPAS, MEXICO) I am a Tsotsil from Chamula, a photographer and sales consultant at the Nissan agency in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. Through visual narrative I explore the interactions between the Tsotsil world and the global world. My photographic projects emerge between the need to investigate cultural tradition, the value of ancestral knowledge and acculturation to the Western world through the consumer market, highlighting the growing interaction between the contemporary indigenous world, of which my clients and I are part, and the globalised market in which we are also immersed. My photographic work transits between two worlds, the Tsotsil that has given me my origin, ch'ulel, spirituality and the Western world that makes me question my beliefs and cultural practices. Here I visualise an internal crack generated by the desire to remain within the Tsotsil cultural tradition and the acceptance to be part of globalisation.