Objects by Antonina Matveyevna Voloshina (1924-2013), set in dialogue with art-books by Ioulia Akhmadeeva



This course offers tools for visual analysis of various expressive-communicative mechanisms of the image.  

Various strategies and criteria for visual analysis will be discussed, based on cases of images in archives or the production of artists and managers and researchers who deal with processes of: intertextuality between photography and other plastic supports, discursive plots and archives, visual anthropology, image and living matter, experimental art and links between written and visual testimonies, different supports for visuals of social mobilisations, photographic recording of artistic processes as political criticism and photography of performing arts. 

The course consists of 8 sessions of 2 hours each.


Session 1. Photography and intertextuality with other visual supports (artist: María José de la Macorra.) 

Session 2. Interculturality and intertextuality in the photographic image (Mexico This Month magazine by Anita Brenner). 

Session 3. Discursive plots and archive (artist: Ioulia Akhmadeeva.) 

Session 4. Visual anthropology and ethnographic photography (travellers in Mexico in the first half of the 20th century). 

Session 5. Image and living matter (artists and projects: cocina ediciones, César Martínez, congelada de uva) 

Experimental art and links between written and visual testimonies (the sculptural space of the UNAM).

Authorial photography and photographic record of artistic processes as political-artistic criticism (artists: Carlos Somonte, Silvia Gruner).

Session 8. Image and the performing body: dance and theatre photography (artists:Mauricio Ascencio, Paula Watson, Gerardo Castillo/isóptica agencia fotográfica)
Objects by Antonina Matveyevna Voloshina (1924-2013), set in dialogue with art-books by Ioulia Akhmadeeva
Play Península /Directed by Mauricio Ascencio/Paula Watson.
Photography: Gerardo Castillo/Isóptica Agencia Fotográfica, 2019


(Mexico City,1971) Professor-researcher, Master's Degree in Conservation of Documentary Assets, National School of Conservation, Restoration and Museography (ENCRyM - INAH).

Restorer (ENCRyM - INAH), master in social anthropology [Ciesas] and PhD in art history [UNAM]. Specialising in photography, visual anthropology and 20th century art in Mexico, she has worked as a cataloguer, researcher and curator at the Fundación Televisa, the Museo de Arte Moderno (MAM-INBAL), Centro de Documentación Arkheia/MUAC-UNAM. She has taught anthropology, art history and curatorial studies at the Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana and the ENES-Morelia (UNAM). She has received the INAH Paul Coremans Award (2000), the Richard Gilder Fellowship (2008) from the American Museum of Natural History (USA) and, in 2015, the Southwest Book Award from the Border Regional Library Association (USA) for co-authoring with Bill Broyles, Phillis La Farge and others a book on Carl Lumholtz (edited by the University of Texas at Austin). She has published and presented papers nationally and internationally for institutions or associations such as UAM, CNCA, LASA, CENCREM (Cuba), Caja Sur (Spain), among others.



$ 1,900.00 mxn + IVA 
95 USD dls + tax


25 participants


6 to 28 August 2021


Friday 17:00 to 19:00 hrs 
Saturdays 10:00 to 12:00 hrs
(Mexico City time)
Loulia Akhmadeeva, Bukvar/Essay of a Protest, 2015. Facsimile of the author's first primary school textbook (1978,DDR,USSR), laser-printed on acetate from public domain images. Binding by ALTERnativa Gráfica
Play Península /Dir. Mauricio Ascencio/Player Paula Watson/Photography: Gerardo Castillo/Isóptica Agencia Fotográfica, 2019


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Workshop for people interested in the image, photography, aimed at the general public.


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