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12/02/2020 - 12/03/2020

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

The exhibition approaches the body from different perspectives: as a territory of individual and collective identity, as a terrain of experience, sexuality, maternity, links with the other, interaction with society as a political and poetic space.
In our time, the various categories are no longer effective in defining the boundaries between different artistic practices and it is important to broaden the definitions of the containers of the work and the techniques of its development. 

This exhibition seeks to create relationships between the bodies of work from different points of view, drawing connections of different kinds that seek to expand the readings of the work and provoke echoes between them, which awaken in the spectator questions about his or her own identity and about the device of the contemporary image

Nelson Morales

The work of the participating artists uses images to explore identity, territory and the body as the centre of experience. Identity as a space of desire, sexuality and history. 

The identity that is constructed in the experience, sometimes in the action in front of the camera, sometimes in the manipulation of the materiality of the object and sometimes in the image we have of it, far beyond any representation. 
Identity, the body and the landscape are approached as the territory of individual and collective questioning, flowing from metaphor to radical and physical action, where these authors are involved at deep levels in the work. 

The internal and external terrain, time, as a place of origin, a space of joy and pain, of pleasure, of desire. Body and identity where the feminine and the masculine mingle in their vulnerability, in their beauty and provocation

Nelson Morales

Several axes that weave a framework that allows us to reflect on the different ways in which intervention in identity is constructed from the body, territory and performance. We look at the other and we look at ourselves. Photography sometimes functions as catharsis, as a way of recognising and constructing ourselves, other times as an encounter with the other, as a location in the territory. 

They intervene identity, notions of beauty, the vision of different cultures of the feminine and masculine, of sexuality and sensuality. It intervenes in direct action for the camera and reveals previously hidden aspects of reality. It intervenes time, death, infertility, everything that makes us alive, but also makes us finite
Territory as the body and the landscape that is explored, as a place of origin and belonging, as a space for questions about individual and collective identity, gender, the body in the context of history and culture. And photography is the way in which these authors activate all these questions in the very action that constructs the image, in that instant where the complex network of relationships in which we exist is revealed. 

In some cases, the intervention of these artists is in the action itself, in showing to the gaze the hidden or exploring the unnamable, in documenting the experience, in evoking it, or in narrating stories. In other cases the intervention is in the manipulation of the materials themselves, in the physical transformation of the supports. 

Ana Casas Broda and Gisela Volá 

Nelson Morales


Antoine d´Agata - Francia 
Antonio Lozano - Mexico 
Beto Gutiérrez - Venezuela 
Carol Espíndola - Mexico 
Citlalli Eb - Mexico 
Diego Moreno - Mexico 
Koral Carballo - Mexico 
Ernestina Anchorena - Argentina 
Fernando Magalhães - Brazil 
Fernando Montiel Klint - Mexico 
Gabriela Olivera - Argentina 
Gabriela Rivera Lucero - Chile 
Giulia Iacolutti - Italy 
Guadalupe Gómez Verdi - Argentina 
Guadalupe Miles - Argentina 
Jen Davis - United States 
Juan José Herrera - Mexico 
Lorena Fernández - Argentina 
Luana Navarro - Brazil 
Margarita García Faure - Argentina 
Mariana Bellone - Argentina 
Mariela Sancari - Argentina 
Nadia del Pozo - Spain 
Nelson Morales - Mexico 
Paul Kooiker - Netherlands 
Paula López Droguett - Chile 
Tania Franco Klein - Mexico 
Yael Martínez - Mexico 
Roberto Tondopó - Mexico 


Find out more about the work of each of the authors in the exhibition in the pdf of the catalogue.