From 31 March to 2 April 2017
With the help of the research and creation method developed through Laia Abril's experience as a photographer and graphic editor of COLORS Magazine; the creative projects developed in FABRICA - Benetton's Communication and Research Center; where she collaborated with designers, illustrators, video makers, writers, programmers or musicians; as well as her personal long term series and her work as a book maker; participants will be exemplified and motivated to use "lateral thinking" in order to focus their photographic series as a creative project. 

Always from her experience of teamwork, the author will illustrate with several examples how the combination of different creative tools can transform an idea. 

The workshop will focus on the creative editing of projects in development through the generation of ideas, search and analysis of different tools, languages and media to make our work evolve beyond the photographic field. 


She is a Spanish photographer and writer who has developed her work on multiple platforms, and whose work has been related from different angles to the world of the feminine, its history, its problems and the prejudices that still surround it today. Laia Abril completed a degree in journalism in her hometown and later moved to New York to study photography at the International Center of Photography, ICP. In 2009 she joined the Fabrica research centre, Benetton's artist residency in Italy, where she worked as a photographer and associate photo editor at the Italian magazine Colors for four years, 

Abril combined her work in publishing with her freelance career as a photographer. Throughout her career, Laia has focused her photography mainly on addressing intimate stories that reflect uncomfortable realities related to femininity and sexuality. Her photobooks include Thinspiration (2012), Tediousphilia, Musée de l'Elysée (2014), The Epilogue, Dewi Lewis Publishing (2014), and Lobismuller, published by RM Publishing in 2016. In 2016 he won the prize awarded each year by the Festival Images in Vevey Switzerland for the development of his project Lobismüller, which was presented in September of that year as part of the festival. 

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We invite you to know the photobooks published by Laia Abril, several of which we offer in our bookshop.