From 10 to 13 February 2018
In the process of making history visible in a photobook, it is necessary to find a technique to research and gain a deeper understanding.

When concentrating on the work, the author has the opportunity to experience the surprising and unique discoveries that only emerge during the work process itself.

By moving away from stereotypical ideas, one can discover a new method that is actually more suitable for the project, going far beyond orthodox ways of editing, such as selecting and composing with the photos.

The edition of photobook mock-ups is now possible using digital tools, but we seek to produce the mock-ups in a way that unfolds the physical relationship with the object and its textures.

A special moment is when you realise the difference between seeing a flat object and how it feels when you hold the book in your hands.

This "physical publishing" work can achieve an attitude of "creating meaning through detail", through the selection of numerous types of paper and printing methods, but one can also control and influence the selection of the size, weight, smell and structure of the book.

Through a series of trial and error, one can find the book one really wants to make, and we believe this is the only way to create a "worthwhile and valuable book". There is no one right step or one right answer in the process, and each project has certain reasons and qualities unique to each work.


She is a curator, editor, researcher and publisher of photography with a focus on developing cultural exchanges that transcend borders. She co-directs the space Teminders Strongholm Photography, which includes a gallery, a program on photobooks including the workshop The Photobook as Object and a Masterclass on photobooks.

She collaborates with local and international artists working in areas affected by conflict, natural disasters, current social problems, human rights abuses and women's issues.

He has worked on some of the most interesting photobooks that have been published in recent years, developed in his workshop in special editions handmade by the authors in collaboration with Yumi Goto and which have won some of the most important photobook awards around the world, and subsequently reprinted by major publishing houses, as is the case of Silent Histories by Kazuma Obara, published by RM, and other titles with CEIBA Ediciones.

She is also involved as a nominator and juror for international photography organisations, festivals and events. She is now based in Tokyo and is also co-founder of Reminders Photography Stronghold.

Participated in Incubadora de Fotolibros 2017.