(GERMANY) Florian Hetz is a photographer from Berlin. He started his working life in the theatre, producing opera and dance theatre in Germany. A severe encephalitis put an abrupt end to his professional life. During the recovery process he took a camera to document his daily life in the form of a visual diary, in order to fight against possible memory loss as part of the after-effects of the brain inflammation. From taking photos of his friends and lovers at first, his process gradually shifted to creating photos that drew on his memories and the images in his head. Much of Hetz's work revolves around hidden memories and fantasies of a pre-existing time and intimacy. He is interested in those irritating and sometimes frighteningly exciting moments, which many people experience at a young age without knowing how to read or act upon them. By taking close-ups of seemingly normal body parts and gestures, Hetz shifts the focus to often unnoticed undertones and amplifies them. As if looking through a glory hole, Hetz only shows a fragment of the moment, illuminates them, but does not tell the whole story. The photos act like a frame of film. They tell a story, but never reveal the full narrative."