(VENEZUELA, Caracas. 1978) is a Venezuelan artist and photographer based in Caracas, Venezuela. The central axis of her work is power and eroticism from the feminine point of view. Her research revolves around photographic representation from the fiction-reality tension and identities from a gender perspective, taking as starting points the critical reflection of images from the history of art, popular culture and mass media. As well as the links between photography and the poetic act, self-representation, the body as an individual and collective metaphor. Garrido has exhibited his work at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo del Zulia (MACZUL); Sala Mendoza; Museo de Arte de Acarigua-Araure; Sala de Exposiciones Centro de Arte El Hatillo; Panorámica Arte emergente en Venezuela 2000-2012, Sala TAC Trasnocho Cultural; Espacio MAD Los Galpones; No Lugar Arte Contemporáneo (Quito, Ecuador); and Féroces International Photography Festival (Lyon, France), Rizoma (Madrid, Spain), Festival Hybrid (Madrid, Spain), among others.