From 23th to 27th June 2017
The workshop explores what a work can, should, or could become. The meetings will start with an initial presentation of Lukas' work and his projects for books, multimedia platforms, films and exhibitions.

The way it investigates, generates the narratives and makes decisions about the type of form in relation to the specific needs of each project, whether it is a book that is published commercially, a fanzine, a virtual platform or an exhibition. 

Each participant will present their project and the ideas behind it. Emphasis will be placed on how visual, cultural and historical research can be combined to enhance the different projects.

This is not a workshop exclusively on photography, but on how to research narratives that allow the public to understand the projects more deeply. 


A large part of his work deals with photographic archives that he collects and contextualizes in countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Myanmar. His research focuses on the post-colonial era and portrays the background of his interpretation of these historical materials.

Through long-term projects such as the Afghan Box Camera Project, Lukas Birk has not only initiated a reconstruction of the history of local photography in Afghanistan, but has managed to keep alive a worldwide community working with the pinhole camera.

Birk shows his research and narratives in a multimedia way. "Every story has another way of being told." He has made films, books, online platforms and exhibitions in Europe, the United States and in faraway places in South and West Asia.

An important aspect of each form of storytelling is both establishing an alternative form of narrative about historical events and finding a local and global audience that will benefit from the work in the long term.