Gilles Gerbaud / Raphaël Chipault / Simon Gerbaud

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The Skin of the Bench (La Peau du Trottoir), an exhibition conceived by 3 French artists in which drawing, animation and photography are in dialogue.

On the opening day there will be a performance with a photobook made for this exhibition:Gilles Gerbaud &Raphaël Chipault &Simon Gerbaud


La Peau du Trottoir, an exhibition conceived by 3 French artists in a dialogue between drawing, animation and photography, will be inaugurated with a performance with a photobook made for this exhibition: Gilles Gerbaud & Raphaël Chipault & Simon Gerbaud. 
To generate an experience of the city, to free ourselves from our sense of a rationalised urban space and to rediscover here "the city that moves", as Walter Benjamin defined it in relation to 19th century Paris.

It is on the basis of these reflections that we explore contemporary Mexico, attentive to vernacular forms, everyday objects and the sensuality of its pavements. It is there, in this urban geology that we find the intimate memory of the city, its poetry.This city cannot be captured in a single movement, that's why the exhibition mixes our different practices: photography, drawing and animation. 


Auxerre, France, 1976Visual artist. After studying theoretical studies in Visual Arts at the Sorbonne, he became interested in exploring drawing and animation in a self-taught way, creating short films, flipbooks and interactive installations. He has participated in festivals and exhibitions in Mexico, Spain, France, Holland, Russia, China, Iraq, among others. His short film LIBER has received several awards: Best Mexican Animation at the CutOut Fest (Querretaro, Mexico, 2014) and at the Animasivo Festival (Mexico DF, 2015); his project saVer received the SCAM Digital Work of the Year Award (Paris, France, 2015). He has lived and worked in Mexico since 2005.

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Paris, France, 1967. A graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, Gilles Gerbaud produces work that oscillates between drawing and photography, sometimes combining both practices. His work questions the process of juxtaposition between drawing and photography. Spaces and uses maintain close relationships in Gilles' work, challenging the viewer's gaze through a set of pieces that relate to everyday life, changing the perception of these spaces and objects. His work shows an interest in exchange, dialogue and ultimately a stance towards the world around him. Since 2007 Gilles has been working with Raphaël Chipault. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions in France and Switzerland. Lives and works in Crest, France


France, 1969. Photographer, graduate of the National School of Photography, Chipault has been working with Gilles Gerbaud since 2007, his work questions vision in terms of experience in the configuration of photography and its practice. He creates images through which he captures figures, landscapes, objects in their context and nature. Etienne Helmer says of the work of both of them the following: The two photographers lead the viewer "to that intermediate form between form and formlessness where the creative act takes place, where its object is born, where it stays and where it dies". The collaboration between the two agents blurs the notion of artist and author. 
This project was supported by the Fondation Nationale des Arts Graphiques et Plastiques in France..