alejandro marote

17 to 21 May 2017
In order to understand the infinite elasticity that characterises the contemporary image, during this workshop the participants will follow an intense journey through the different phases of creation, from theoretical reflection, revision of their projects, production, creation of a fanzine, to the installation of an exhibition at Hydra + Fotografía. 

Presentation of a personal project: Alejandro Marote will explain in detail the evolution of his personal project from his photographic beginnings to his latest exhibition installations.

Portfolio reading: Each participant will present their portfolio individually with the intention of identifying the aesthetic and conceptual relationships between their work and that of other recognised authors in the history of photography. Each student, after understanding the point of development of their personal language, will be able to locate all the influences of other authors in their work and detach themselves from them in order to develop their project through their own language. 

Anatomy of the same image: Once the theoretical part of the workshop has been developed and each of the personal projects has been studied, the attendees will begin to work from the same photograph with the aim of being able to verify in a practical way the infinite elasticity that characterises the contemporary image. To this end, Alejandro Marote will provide each participant with a series of photocopies with variations of the same image with which the students will have to aesthetically resolve a series of objectives.
Self-Fanzine: Having understood the elasticity of a single photograph, in this exercise students will use their own images to design a fanzine that will introduce them to the design, editing and page layout process of a photobook. 

Exhibition installation: After having practiced with their work to design a fanzine, participants will reflect on the possibilities that photography has when occupying the exhibition space. Different materials such as photocopies, cardboard and wood will be used to allow the participants to develop, together with the author, an exhibition proposal that will be installed in the gallery at Hydra + Fotografía. Through this process, the workshop students will be able to reflect on the exhibition possibilities of the image beyond the photographic copy and the photobook. As they work on the exhibition space, each student will understand in a practical way the different exhibition possibilities of their photographic project. 
Reflection: After having concluded the theoretical and practical part of the workshop, all participants will meet together to reflect on what happened during the days of the workshop.


He is one of the most active and dynamic contemporary visual artists on the Spanish photographic scene. He is a member of the photography collective Blank Paper and since 2008 he has been developing a project that delves into the four visible layers of matter: fire, water, air and earth. In a continuous and cumulative process of images, the trace of his encounter with reality is revealed to us, it is a plastic advance in constant search of the balance between opposing forces that goes from the external face of the form towards the symbol. His work moves between the photobook, photography, installation, video, multimedia and the experimental use of media and supports in a risky and proactive way. He makes installations in public spaces, architectural interventions and multimedia exhibitions. He has also produced several photobooks, including Libro A (2015) and Libro B (2016), which sold out almost immediately after being published by RM. Her workshops are characterised by the dynamism of her way of working and her didactic method. In recent years he has given a large number of workshops in different countries.



15 participants


$3,600.00 mxn + VAT


January 2017


10:00 to 14:00 hrs. / 16:00 to 20:00 hrs.


Send to the registration form, minimum 15 and maximum 30 own and/or appropriate images (150 dpi approx. 1920px on the longest side, .jpg format or a PDF).

Each image must have the name of the author, surname and name of the series; example: Luis_Ruiz_paisajesperdidos-01.jpg and then attach them in a folder with the name of the author and the project. If you have an idea to develop during the workshop, send a description or proposal.

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